Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Train

She bought the ticket from current reservation behind him. With minutes for the train to leave, they both ran to the compartment that is farthest from the entrance (Murphy’s Law?).

She was trying to read the newspaper. In a Black T shirt, that is perfect for her and the off white Jean, that didn’t fit her. She felt bored, trying to sleep too. The conversation between the old, not so old and the young (others in the compartment) was not at all interesting.

She thought, ‘How in the world does he, didn’t start up a conversation? Is that I am not attractive? Anyway I don’t care. I have two hours to kill, could talk to someone on the mobile, oh this stupnetwork, still how come he don’t even see me??!!!’

‘You are a Coward, good for nothing, Bullshit, Idiot…’. He continued cursing himself, all along while writing this.

Friday, September 29, 2006

God with us

How could one get so motivated, inspired, passionate to do things..., work towards their goals..., inspite of all the ... what do we say that... mmmm.... difficulties.., troubles..., misfortunes... How can one..... Or is it these same things that make them to do those??

Got to see one of these today.... a veterinary doc in his final year, working as a part time (full time during vaccations) courier pickup, studies in the nights.... and won 'the best employee award' from his employer.. smiling, confident.... (How could they come into this world?)

Amazing....... just can laugh at my self... Saying 'Life is too wonderful to be spent worrying' .... :)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Verdict in 22 days... It is happening here...

7-yr imprisonment in Alwar rape case
Alwar (Rajasthan), April 12: In one of the fastest disposal of cases, B H Mohanty, son of a top Orissa police official, was sentenced to seven years rigorous imprisonment by a court here on wednesday for raping a German woman.

An MBA student from Delhi, Mohanty, who was found guilty of raping the 26-year-old woman in a hotel on the intervening night of March 20 and 21, was also fined Rs 10,000 by Additional District Judge R K Maheshwari of a fast-track court here.

The victim was not present when the verdict was pronounced.

Mohanty is the son of Orissa cadre Additional Director General of Police B B Mohanty.

It is happening here.... It is happening here...