Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Train

She bought the ticket from current reservation behind him. With minutes for the train to leave, they both ran to the compartment that is farthest from the entrance (Murphy’s Law?).

She was trying to read the newspaper. In a Black T shirt, that is perfect for her and the off white Jean, that didn’t fit her. She felt bored, trying to sleep too. The conversation between the old, not so old and the young (others in the compartment) was not at all interesting.

She thought, ‘How in the world does he, didn’t start up a conversation? Is that I am not attractive? Anyway I don’t care. I have two hours to kill, could talk to someone on the mobile, oh this stupnetwork, still how come he don’t even see me??!!!’

‘You are a Coward, good for nothing, Bullshit, Idiot…’. He continued cursing himself, all along while writing this.