Sunday, August 21, 2011


for u...

I was wading through life, thinking this is how it should be.
And this is how it is meant to be.

And one by one all of those thoughts seemed to be nothing more than a deluge...
As i kept losing my childhood's faith.
And then, at that last point where hope has just drifted away from your hands like sand...
Someone poked a little finger,
Shook me a little and then a lot.
Showed me how life could be...
...just the way i had wanted it to be.

That Someone is You.

You clawed your way into my life and to my heart.
And mended all those little pieces,and brought them together.
The dreams that were blank so far
And the feelings I had never felt.
Came to me with a force I never thought existed.
I thought I had lost the way to my passion.
You found it back for me.
And gave me Love, Hope and Faith.
Unwavering, relentless...

Today, I am anchored, loved. cared for and spoiled silly.
And the reason behind it is you...

I am blossoming in your love.