Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Why should I marry??

Why should I marry??

The reasons told...
  • You are getting aged
  • Some one should be there to care and share
  • What else to do in life?
  • What will others tell?
  • You should do it for your parents happiness
  • Everyone is doing
  • Why you alone escape when we suffer?
  • Otherwise you will be too old to support your children
  • You are missing the purpose of life
  • What is a life without a wife?
  • You should do it to know it


Madhu said...

neeyum ferrari madhri polamba aarambichutiya?

Sathish said...

naan onnum polambala.. it is just the list of reasons told.. but why should I polambify?? :-?

Madura said...

Marriage is a decision. A decision takes a necessary condition and a sufficient condition. The necessary condition should be "I want to marry her/him" and the sufficient condition should be "S/he wants to marry me." You consider a question of decision only when you have the necessary condition in hand already, and work hard until you find the sufficient condition is met.
Enjoy the philosophy of necessary and essential conditions here. (I agree I hate the attitude behind the conservative restrictive words of 'necessary', 'essential' and 'condition') But still it is a nice read!
In a different world centuries ago, or centuries later, the word "marry" can be replaced with "sex" or "living together" or "date" or "start a company," and still I believe the necessary and essential conditions will hold true. No decision makes any sense, until we have the necessary condition in hand.

Sathish said...

Well... is it that we make decisions and then rationalize with the set of conditions??

Pappaya Pie said...

btw....did sumbody put a gun to your head to come up with justifications???

Sathish said...

No guns... Just the reasons I was told, to consider "IT".

Gokul said...

i have some more questions........ in relation to your question

why should anyone marry ?
should any one marry?
can you do any thing other than marriage ?

rather should we always keep doing something and marriage is one ot it ?

like madura quoted, should you get married because someone has to marry you ?

silent historian said...