Tuesday, April 03, 2007


:) … Should I??… Ok… Why do we want to categorize people… and then putting them into compartments. like in a departmental store… he/she is a soap, a washing powder, a biscut… yeah in a store, the charactor of items don’t change unless they expire… but in humans they can, there is always a chance….. they change or our perception towards them do… so should we do this? arranging and rearranging all the time??

Religion and spirituality is another big area of indiviual perception.. so linking that to this… :) .. does anybody need another infinite serial?

Should we all need to agree on an issue, all the time?? … then… will the world not be like a garden with just one type of flower?? like we find just roses everywhere…. just everywhere

should we stop/blackmail someone from questioning?? since we can’t make them see our point of view???

…. Irrespective of whether people agree or disagree on issues… this world is full of beautiful, helping, happy people.. (ofcourse a perception… one can live without too…)

And….. ok da… enough…. leave them… :)

(The above was a comment for neha's soulmate)


simpsimply said...

Hey Sathish, Thanks for reading my blog and also for your comments.
The poem 'Road less travelled' was penned by Robert Frost.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement for my blog.


Roopa said...

Hi Sathish,

Saw ur comments on my blog..thanks! Btw, how did you hit upon my blog?


Rani Sowmya said...

Thats an interesting perspective.. :-)