Monday, October 01, 2007

Is going to Work daily, a necessity?

Is going to Work daily, a necessity?

Writing this, while still undecided about going to work. There is no particular reason, may be just plain lazy.... and now trying to find reasons on why one should be or shouldn't be at Work daily.

  • Pays


  • Same place
  • Doing almost Same thing

Any more suggesions?


Vaishno said...

i swear!!!! i get the same feeling!!! why cant we have a day off in between.. in fact, why cant it just be a 3 day wrkin/wk...??

Sathish said...

3 day/week.. that really sounds promising...

Priyanka said...

hehe..its strange how the word WORK generates similar feelings across all ;)
why cant weekdays be off and weekend work!

Priyanka said...

btw.. u from glakes?? cant help noticing all these ppl mentioned in ur blog are glakers

Sathish said...

Well.. not yet in glakes..

Priyanka said... that case..all the best dude :)

Suda said...

I have more reasons to go
1. Chance to sleep in AC
2. Free Internet
3. Eye-pleasure (depends on where u work)
4. Free coffee



Sathish said...

1) Sleep??!!!
2) Yup... though firewalled.. and traced
3) Well... some are not lucky ;)
4) hhhmmm... for most.. yes.. :)